Tuesday, February 26, 2008

manic monday

today i got up at 6:45 after only (yay me) hitting the snooze button twice.
then i showered, took the subway to class, got organized with group about project 1 (due thursday....its going to be close), talk to teacher about project 2, made him laugh about my concept, ate lunch, paraphrased the text for midterm on wednesday with a partner in the library, tried to buy a (motherfuckinggoddamn) metro pass, remember how much i hate the bookstore, took the subway home...oh wait did i mention its only 1:45 when i get home.

then after studying i had to make *gasp* decision if i should nap before work or go to the gym..

obviously i chose a nap. ha.

i feel like making a list so these are the people who pissed me off today..
-my boss
-grace idon'thaverealeyebrows at the bookstore
-people who don't tip well

okay its 2:11 in the morning i am delusional.
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