Friday, February 15, 2008

do you remember...

the time we climbed a mountain and i was 100% sure i was going to die and even though you weren't sure we would live you still made me believe we could do it?

the time you told me you ate raw eggs and i refused to belive you because i was sure you would get food poisening from something like that?

the time we ODed on pot cookies and you told me "eather i'm not talking, or i have lost my hearing"?

the time we had sex in the field of your public school? and your mom wondered why the sleeping bag was dirty and you told her not to ask questions like that?

the many many many times we christened my moms car? and thats when i started to like baseball.

the time we got locked out of that stupid basement apartment and you had to break in with only your hands and alot of willpower while your landlord slept in the room right above the window?

the time we played the most intense game of Jenga and I won and then you killed me in shuffle board but it didn't matter because we were a team anyway?

the time we walked circles around banff just for something to do and had the best conversations under that stars while drunk people yelled and we belived we were above that?

the cave and basin? the point? trailer park boys?

the time i told you i loved you after wanting to say it for over a year and even though you didn't say it back what you did say was more valuable to me then i think either one of us realized at the time.

what you don't remember is when we first got together i told L two things about you.

1) your the kind of boy you marry
2) your going to break my heart someday

i was right about both of them.

happy valentines day baby.

i'm glad we had a chance to make all of these memories, i wouldn't have wanted my life any other way. our roads crossed paths for some of the best times in my life and even though our roads have separated i have faith that they will cross again when the time is right. for both of us. xoxo
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