Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i feel awesome considering

i have only had about 10 hours sleep in the past three days.

my two group members are at the tipping point of wanting to fight each other. they only speak through me now, it makes my life really easy and uncomplicated.

last night L and i made the BEST dinner. pepper french fries with dip, spinach salad with goat cheese tomatoes and avocado with balsamic dressing AND spicy bean veggie burgers on the george forman with brie, avocado and grilled onions on them. sooooo good. it smelled like summer in our kitchen.

L and i have been watching Weeds religiously lately. its all we can do to not instantly NEED to watch another episode, they are just so good. i am going to be sad when we get caught up with the current season and have to wait a week in between episodes. haha who am i kidding we don't have cable, there is no way we will get to watch the episodes until i can find them online.

BUT. the gym we joined (for only 50$ a month no less!) has personal cable tv screens you can hook your headphones into while doing the elliptical, treadmill or bike. that was a major selling point of joining the gym haha. so maybe we will just work out during weeds every week. problem solved. an hour on the elliptical? haaaaaaaaaa

i'm off to the UPS store to print another goddamn project.

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