Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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In an attempt to organize my life and school work i have resorted to buying this...

and using this grid to organize what needs to be done in each category

i'm probably a huge loser because of this but it is actually helping me see clearly what jobs need to be done. i have the bad habit of knowing that i have homework that needs to be done on the internet and even on facebook (i still think its crazy that all my group projects communicate through facebook but it really does work well for discussions, loading pictures and yeah you get it) so what i was saying is that when i wake up in the morning with full intention of doing homework all day i get seduced by the internet and never get anything done. BUT with this handy little organizer i can clearly see who i need to call, and where i need to go THUS nothing to do with the internet.

i picked up the tickets to see these guys on friday night <3..

and you have to admit, looking at rob thomas for a couple hours is good eye candy

the city is really backed up because of a huge fire at queen and bathurst. i was reading about it at the star website. this is a highlight of how well the article was written.

“We lost a piece of Toronto history, and its incredible,” Stewart said, coughing on smoke as he spoke to reporters. (incredible? really though?)

“It’s cold, so cold out there, but I want to see what’s happening,” she said frantically to her friend as she peered out the window, shaking her hands to get them warm. (why is this included in the article? why?)

“Anyone who has ever ridden a cycle in the city knows Duke,” she said. "We’re just heartbroken right now.” (everyone?)

okay i am done, i shouldn't criticize because (HA) my writing level is 29032932324934298 times worse but i just figure if your going to try and make a career out of it....

i am on a smoked salmon craze right now and i can't get over it. ijustwantitallthetime.yummmm.

if i win the lottery i am going to buy this sewing table for L.

oh! and i finished lullabies this morning. it was so good that when i was reading it i would dog ear the bottom of the pages that had amazing quotes on them. something that i do for every book i read (thats my own) but this book definitely tops the list for the most pages i have ever turned down.

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zoeyjane said...

i want a sewing machine. and a babysitter so i can sew. and money to buy fabric and notions.

oh my point was to tell you that you're still cooler than me because my fridge has: a magnetic whiteboard, a magnetic TO DO notepad AND a magnetic SHOPPING LIST notepad. At least yours is all on one page :P

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