Monday, February 4, 2008

pantone colours

things i am going to accomplish TODAY
-finish logo for wednesdays class, scan it into illustrator, edit it and save it as a full colour version, (one with a white background, one with black) and black and white version (on black and white backgrounds), save it as a .pdf and put it on my jump drive to print tomorrow.
-wrap up 100$ text book I sold on amazon to mail tomorrow
-make a tuna melt for dinner
-walk to the bakery and buy buns for tuna melts
-go to this documentary with dave cave
-start reading this book, maybe at manic coffee
-look into buying bedouin soundclash tickets.
-call other stupid job and tell them i can't work next weekend on account of having a dinner party.
-brainstorm ideas for duracell battery project, doritos project, toronto tourism project, and sourz project. damn i have a lot of thinking to do.
-research raw food diet which will commence the day after the dinner party.


Dave Cave said...

Holy, Little-Miss-Productive! I didn't even make it to the library. What a list...should I quiz you to find out how much actually got done?

zoeyjane said...

Yes, were the productivity ninjas on your side?

Come to my blog...I gave you a pressie.

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