Tuesday, February 19, 2008

who invited the mood killer?

hi its me again. personal hiatus from the blog world is now over, AREN"T YOU GLAD? uhhh hu.

crazy fucked up night last night, on account of this,

oh and can't forget this,

and someone invited this guy.....

glad i didn't try and blog because i found i note i wrote to myself this morning and ...yeah...i spared you some heartfelt emo bullshit crap that was my state of mind at the time.

alright i got nothing really, its late and i worked all day and the flowers on my desk are dying because i haven't watered them.

i made a 24$ tip off of a 35$ bill tonight. AND what makes it even sweeter is that my boss critized the martinis that i made for the table. it was nice to rub in the fact that obviously they couldn't have been that bad.


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