Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Any chimp can play human for a day. Use his opposable thumbs to iron his uniform.

Good Morning

and it really is a GOOD morning. and last night was a GOOD night, and before that a GOOD day.

my mood has swung around to being positive again. and creative, and into the 'getting shit done (GSD) mode'. it makes up for the dark days.

lately i have found a new...friend. a legal, more trustworthy partner to help me get the energy i need to GSD. one that goes in my mouth instead of ...uh huh.

his name is MONSTER. and he's tall dark and handsome.

But I never let him in my pants like this whore.....

So yesterday Monster popped into work around 4 and together we finished the day off without a hitch. then we went to go pick up my new cell phone....the SAMSUNG INSTINCT.

isn't she beautiful?

After a small negotiation with Bell I have unlimited mobile browser, 200 texts, call ID and call display and voicemail for one year FREE FREE FREE. and my plan is only going to cost 25$ per month plus the stupid access fee. sucess.

once monster and i got home we packed up three gallons of paint and caught a cab to canadian tire. (because even with monster, my arms are still weak little twigs) and proceeded to seduce the paint department tween into doing everything i wanted. i'm good like that. he re tinted my paint to a lighter shade and even gave me a brand new can of white for 8$ after dropping it on the ground, on purpose, so i could have it for a discount.

too bad you were so young paint boy, you really know how to make a girl feel special.

picked up some new accessories for my NEW bike. going to pimp him out this weekend. pics to come later...

Once monster and i cabbed it back home we proceeded to rearrange the entire apartment and prep it for painting. rearranging furniture is pretty much therapy to me...

so that, my friends, is why today is a GOOD morning.


Zoeyjane said...

I am mucho de jealous, yo. Obviously, coffee is not the man I thought he was.

red food colouring said...

although i love it, coffee is over-rated.

monster goes down easy mixed with a little voddy too. thats a lethal combo for awesome-ness.

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