Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hi, its 8:27 and i've been at work for half an hour already.

just sayin.

Dear Woman at my work who shall remain nameless:

Twice yesterday I visited the washroom. And twice you were in there. And lets just say we don't see eye to eye on most things anyway, so to have to strike up two seperate conversations with you was unnecessary and should have been avoidable. but it wasn't because the first time I went into the washroom, there you were CUTTING YOUR BANGS. at work? really? and by the way, you left your hair allllll over the counter. please.
And the second time I walk in, thinking..oh shit she's here again fuckkkkkk....your WASHING YOUR FACE in the sink. excuse me? I question your judgement when you think 3:00pm on wednesday afternoon is the best time to wash your face. did you stay to reapply your makeup? i don't know, i left as soon as i could this time.
not to mention your hearing problem, that you should probably get checked out by the way, because your normal voice? yeah, its the same tone and volume most people use to yell at small children. i feel like when i talk to you in our quiet office i might as well be broadcasting the conversation over the speakers. or having self induced panic attacks. oh. and talking to you in the washroom (think:echo) is similar to when you turn on the car and you forgot to turn down the music last time you were in it and it blasts into your face causing you to jolt and skid around until you can turn it down. I CAN'T TURN YOU DOWN.
oh and one last point. try and show up to the meetings on time in the future, its really getting old.

Better luck next time,

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