Monday, August 25, 2008

you don't call me? why don't you want to talk to me? 
i get it, you don't have long distance. why are you long distance?

good question, bad answer. 

if i understood it, maybe i could stop thinking about it. 

its been one year, exactly, since you moved away. 

since you decided your dreams were on the horizon and you were tired of looking at them from so far behind. 

since the time you told me i was your best friend. best friend. 

since you broke me. 

its been one year now, that i've been on my own.  
walking down the road alone. hop skip and jump. hop hop skip. 

except now i'm driving. 

i've got a full fucking engine of power in my hands. its fast.

and its getting a little dangerous. get out you say.

he says, you shouldn't be driving under these conditions.

except the seat is empty. your already gone.
your car was faster then mine, this is how i deal. 

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