Friday, August 15, 2008

I have dreams of orca whales and owls

These pics are old-ish from about about a month ago but i left my camera at L7's camp so i have zero new picture material. but! better late then never?

this post is about how to take a pair of ugly jean shorts that you bought with your nana and thought were kind of cute at the time but once you got home realized they were not and make them into awesome whore shorts! run-on sentence much? 

okay first you need to go to the EX with your nana and walk around with her for most of the day. oh and china paint for a couple hours in a booth with her and hear her say the same stories again and again. and again and a few more times after that. so0O0.....your a little haggard and a lot looking for something to make the day better. ENTER SUZY SHIER building stage left. yes, the suzy shier building is racks upon racks UPON racks of all the 5$ shit your heart could ever desire. 

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