Wednesday, August 27, 2008

coffee and oatmeal conclusions

After numerous text messages and not even having to exaggerate the truth, the president has driven himself to my humble apartment for some good old fashion one-on-one time. minus the pants.

clearly, being desperate has heightened my persuasion skills.

In general my life is going pretty awesome right now.

I have a boy (a president even) to call whenever I need him. and even if he can’t be there 100% of the time, I know I mean something to him. (to pinpoint exactly what that something is has yet to be decided and the cause of the rollercoaster of emotions on my end) but regardless, I know I’m in there somewhere.

I am continuing my job at the law firm. which will alleviate some of the pressure of ‘needing a job yesterday’ anxiety that was fast approaching.

L7 is coming to Toronto tomorrow night and seeing as Friday is my last day of work for the summer and my boss isn’t even going to be in that day….probably going to be a messy awesome night.

I’m putting together plans to visit France and my best friend Cat sometime between January and May of 09. Even if it means getting a loan.

As well, I’m considering the idea of subletting my apartment from Jan to May and moving out to BC with L7. because really, why not? I’ll be researching ad agencies and in house marketing opportunities, and if I can secure a job -I’m there, hands down.

School is starting Monday and I’m not even the slightest bit worried about it. my passion is back and I know I have the skills to get it done right. and this year I am pledging to not let any debby-downers take the steam out of my ideas. and to believe in my ideas fully and to reduce my self-censoring.

Oh, and my apartment is almost all painting, which means moving into the fun accessorizing, shelf hanging, picture framing stage.


as my hero nancy botwin said, ‘the storm I can handle, it’s the calm before it that scares the shit out of me.’

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Zoeyjane said...

oooooh. I think you will dig it here. What with the organics and all.

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