Saturday, August 2, 2008

sticks and stones and weed and bongs

i have a bit of a plan for this blog.

which is good because i've been really preachy lately. and i dont want to lead you to belive i'm much of a role model.

random things i just thought about because i'm stoned. very much so indeed yes. the list edition:

-just making the realization of how much i love to make lists. my mom made lists. the was always things to get done, people to talk to, places to go and things to be bought. she worked hard, got shit done.

-i don't get a lot of shit done. for there being so many hours i am awake these days. i haven't slept very much lately.

-i'm pretty sure i may have passed out last night. like actually fainted.

-i really want to post the mia song paper planes because if you haven't heard it, get ready for it. every single person who hears it gets addicted to it. true fact*.

-i have good days and bad days. friday was a bad day. my liver is currently under intense strain from the buildup that was friday.

-there shouldn't be laws about doing drugs and alcohol. if it makes you feel good i think you should be able to do it. if there wasn't laws about these things nothing would really be that different. your not just going to do shit because all of the sudden you can, when you couldn't before. because if you truley wanted to do something, then you will find a way. but you don't because you don't want to, not because of the law.

-laws are the new religion. i would bet that right around the time laws were invented was the same time people stopped believing in god.

-i don't belive in god. i'm not even going to capatilize his name, because i don't like capitals and i'm not scared of a man that doesn't exist.

-this list is a running dialoge of things i am talking about in my head. nope not thinking about them. talking about them.

-i am going to go eat a salad and sleep for more hours then the last four night combined. hopefully. its on the list, so maybe it will get done.

*based on person market reasearch. my success rate so far is 100% so i'm feeling pretty good about that.

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