Thursday, August 21, 2008

i'm sitting at work drinking (gulping) my first cup of hazelnut coffee for the day and my mind is too scattered to think of one topic to talk about right now.

random point 1) i'm going on my dads sail boat this weekend and i still don't have my camera back. luckily my new phone has pictures but its not really the same. i don't have any good pictures of my dad and i that arent 'go stand over by the fireplace and smile' crap.

random point 2) i'm glad there are people in the world who think the same way i do. sometimes they frustrate the hell out of me, because neither one of us can make decisions (case in point: after having SAT down in a restaurant decisions to change from mexican to thai, i knew we were both pisces). but the reason is because we make decisions based on emotions. and emotions are never the same day to day, and they ‘get’ that.

Random point 3) low calorie + low fat = low self esteem

Random point 4) I’ve decided to call you the president. the one person who reads this blog without fail. this ‘you’ business isn’t working out so well. I’m well aware prime minister would be a more fitting title, but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. so, president, I would like to thank you for the piece of gum you so kindly left me Tuesday (hah) and also want to wish you luck on your test..oh..just called you and you already wrote it. well good luck on your next one. and don't worry you will always be the 'you' in my life, its just less confusing this way.

Random point 4) I have seven days left of this job to go and then back to school. I have a lot of shit to finish up before that time.

Random point 5) Its too bad my boss here was so … faceless? she never came across as being a human. I know that sounds weird but in the four months I was here, she never asked me about my life, what my plans were for the weekend, how is your day going. normal stuff like that. I tried initiating conversations with her but they would revolve around her and her life and I never felt like we ever bonded. which is contradicting to the fact that everyone else in the department says she loves me and the work I do. I don’t get it.

Random point 6) both my parents called me last night and each of them had something worthwhile to tell me. I’m starting to have a real relationship with them, its new. we are getting over the parent child relationship and working towards a more equal one. its good. I don’t want them to take care of me any more, it didn’t help in the long run.

Random point 7) I need to get back to work.


Zoeyjane said...

I read your blog without fail. But did not leave you gum. Maybe you have me confused with someone else?

red food colouring said...

aaahahah. sorry zoeyjane, didn't mean to cause confusion. you don't happen to love baseball and the town of waterloo do you? well if you answered no to either of those questions i would have to say your not my 'president'.
are you immune to stat counter? i never see you on here...

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