Friday, August 29, 2008

goooooooood morning.


well, it was a good morning at 5:30am when i was still out having fun. but two and a half hours of sleep later, corporate office is kicking me in the face right now.

i just want to be in my bed, tucked in and sleeeeeeeeping the day away.

but i couldn't call in sick today right? its my last day. i'm telling myself i couldn't call in sick today and i'm sticking to it. guh. barf. self control. self control.

plus i made plans to go out for lunch with the other summer students/friends. so i couldn't really miss that, considering i made the reservation. hopefully i will be able to entertain the idea of food by then. usually i am mad hungry on hangover mornings, but today, huh, not so much. i have a hankering as to why that is but...well...its not blogggy mcblog material.

eww did i just say that?

i'm delusional.

chances are i'm leaving work shortly after lunch time on account of L7 being in town and the fact that i saw black spots circling my vision this morning. thats normal right?

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