Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so much to say, so little time.


the present, the past, the future.

time of your life. time of day.

work time, play time, down time, party time.

All of the things you bring into your life consume your time. people you want to talk to, want to see, want to show them you care about them. place you want to go, experience, remember. time for things you have to do, work, clean, shower, water your plants. time for yourself, to read, to recharge, and relax.

its hard to juggle.

i need more hours in the day or more energy drinks. or friends and family that live closer. either way i'm beginning to realize i don't have time for everything. but i want everything so i need to be more efficient.

clean while calling friends. don't turn on the time sucking television. don't smoke until after 7. don't sit in front of the computer instead of going to bed. throw in laundry and then go grocery shopping. be the friend who calls just to see how your day is going. make enough dinner for lunch leftovers. eat vegetables for lunch without the bread. sit on park benches.

i used to strive for quantity. but now i understand quality is much more important.

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