Wednesday, August 20, 2008

With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats you can't say we're satisfied

blank screen, oh blank white screen.

lets play a game. 

i bet you don't think your effected by marketing or (yeh i'm going there) ADVERTISING. 

i call BULLSHIT. 

heres how i'm going to prove it. when i say the word LEMON. what do you think of? how do you describe it? what words come to your mind?


seriously. think of words for each......


i am going to tell you what i think of when someone says these things to me. and i want you to think if you ALSO thought those things. why, might you ask, would we think of the same things? because my pretty we are told to say the same things. to believe that mint is always refreshing and that lavender is always soothing. its a stereotype. its what marketers want you to believe when you bite into a piece of gum. they put those associations into our minds so that we can better identify what it is that we are experiencing. or in some cases, make ourselves believe we are experiencing. 

lemon- tart, yellow, sour, refreshing

mint- fresh, cooling, clean, green, calm

lavender- relaxing, purple, often associated with vanilla, sleeping

white wine- smooth, refreshing, light

tropical- fruity, island, berries, tangy, multiple layer taste

did you think of any of those adjectives? yeah...thought so. 

and if your being a debby downer and thinking, "but mint really is fresh!!! i think that because of what it is, not because of marketing." 
when was the last time you ate mint? just all alone and put a piece of fresh mint in your mouth? did you do it today? yesterday perhaps? no probably not. so your only experiences with mint are through packaged and marketed goods. 

moral of this drunken tale is please stop blaming advertising for everything that is wrong with society and look to those who are running our systems. you can make a difference. your not a faceless victim. stand up for what you want. and hell, if what you want is no advertising you better start yelling because whispers aren't going to stop me. 


fille said...
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fille said...

Infact....I had mint today.
every Thai or Vietnamese I've been to in Paris serves their spring rolls with fresh mint leaves wrapped in luttuce and dipped in a spicy/sweet sauce. I now relate fresh mint to deepfried pork.... yum!

red food colouring said...

mmmmm that sounds amazing!

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