Thursday, January 10, 2008

blogsphere vs reality

in continuation of the crazy people on the ttc today i saw a lady and pinned to the front of her jacket was a baggie with a broken candy cane in it. A BROKEN CANDY CANE. no word of a lie and she was definitely crazy because when she got off the bus she got all the way to the front of the bus right at the last second to get off and then she turns around and tells the driver she thinks she forgot something. nope she didn't she just walked around the bus and then got off.

in the past couple days i have had 2 serious encounters where my BLOG life and my REAL like have really intertwined.

a couple nights ago d i went to see my blog hero raymi at her art show. it was pretty amazing to see her in real life. it was a crazy experience on a level that i have never had before because it was just so weird to see someone in real life that i know SO much about. like i know her menstrual cycle! i don't even know that about my roommates/bestfriends. anyways d started up a conversation with her and we talked for a couple minutes. she is pretty much how i expected her to be in real life, low voice, very chill and not much of a smiler. but maybe it is wired for her to have people just coming up and talking to her like that, think about how wierd that would be for people you don't even know to look at pictures of your tits everyday and know what you ate for dinner and when you had your bowel movements.

sidebar: i think she talks about crazy stuff like her bowel movements, wearing dirty underwear and everything else that you never talk about with anyone else because she is testing her readers. to see when to draw the limit and it is too much information. but what makes it awesome is thats the best part cause its so refreshing to have someone be so honest about their day to you.

the second incident happened with the other blog that i read on a daily bases (and i only have three that i click on daily) i guess had a problem with someone reading thier blog or commenting or something. she didn't really give the whole story but she was switching to a new blog page with false names and no faces in the pictures. so anyway she says 'leave a comment and i will give you the new address for the page but this way she can control who she gives it out too. i hesitated.
first of all i must say that i know this person in real life and if she got married to her boyfriend right now she would be my step-sister in law. got it? okay well. she didn't know that i read it every day and would remember who i was so i was torn if i should expose myself or the other option was not reading her blog anymore.
i manned up and wrote a nice little comment, complimenting her blog and asking for the new address. she definitely knows it was me because when she emailed me back it was a personal email to me only. (which was nice of her)(it made me feel less awkward about the situation)

so anyway now both of the blogs that i read daily know i read them and it only happened in two days and now i feel as though keeping this blog a secret (ie not commenting, or commenting but not when i am logged into blogger, ie so no one reads this) is some how wrong.
i wonder if anyone reads my blog and doesn't comment. i don't blame them if they do, exposing yourself on blogs is scary especially when they can read so many personal things about you. okay now this is getting stupid and paranoid because i just smoked way too many bowls waiting for j to come online so we can discuss the fight we had last night.


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zoeyjane said...

haha. it is all fine, e. totally fine. and yes, there's prolly lurkers on here, specially, parents, if they know the addy.

but it has to be clarified: :P

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