Saturday, January 5, 2008


so tonight was not supposed to be but ended up being a pretty drunk night and i am especially proud of the letter that a managed to pull out to J

hey baby, dustins job position on facebook right now is Love maker. at some foods market. hahaha he is definately my favorite crazy pseron. right niow we just got back from the danve cave and before that the wreck room AND my favorite place of the night Leilas. they make the ultime most best falafel on bloor street.

right now leanne dave and melis are reading playboy jokes from a really old playboy 60s joke book. i am only a little bit drunk but unfortunately i am a little bit more high. so even typing this is makeing me feel acomplished. haha. okay so remember when we were so high from pot cookies. yeah they were just plain old pot cookies absolutely nothing else in them. i have a hard time putting that into my brain just because they were

crazy. without a doubt they were crazy. i don't know if i told you this that night because i don't really know if i was able to talk but i thought i was on like lsd or something. not that i have ever done lsd or anything even close to that but i would not even want to risk it being anything like that. but i am glad it was with you i wouldn't have been okay with it being any one then you. i garuntee if i wasn't with you i would have called you. which is something i want to do right now. okay i think i am going to and see how long it takes you to be really frustrated with me and say i am too drunk.


i probably should have said goodbye or something hahaha but now i am really going to call him.

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