Sunday, January 27, 2008

i hope this pot doesn't give us pneumonia.

i really like blogging. i came to that realization about 30 seconds ago. which is first on the list of
- you can have thoughts in your head and then write them and just get them out. in real life i am so bad at just blurting out the most random thing and looking like such an idiot because i forget other people aren't in my head and have no idea what i was just thinking about for the last 3 minutes.
- which brings me to my second point, i dont really care what i say on here cause i don't write it for anyone. its just mine, and its for me and i'm allowed to be totally selfish.
- and i can totally be selfish about all the things i like. and don't like. and there is something to be said about reading on the internet how you feel about something. it sort of changes it in my head to be more definitive. more real.

is it weird that i just said that because i read about my life on the internet that it seems more real to me? okay i am too stoned to be blogging. the list is finished now.

moral of the story is i wish i had a journal when i was a kid because it would be so fun to go back now and read about all the stuff you thought was important and laugh at yourself.

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