Wednesday, January 9, 2008

ttc crazies

okay so everyday i ride the ttc to go to school and sometime to go to work. i'm not sure if there is a full moon or something out but this week the ttc has been FULL of weird things.

example 1:
I am sitting beside an average black guy, looks like he is going to meet up with some friends. He has his ipod blaring into his ears. another black guys gets on the ttc, pulls off his hood and stands by the doorway. they make eye contact and give each other THUMBS UP, smile and nod. is this some sort of unwritten code? was one guy wearing some sort of well known symbol? they didn't appear to know each other and the standing guy got off the subway shortly after that.

example 2:
this one i wish i had my camera, this lady, dressed totally 80's, (poofy hair, neon tracksuit, socks over the pants and a FANNY pack) is just sitting across from me minding her own buisness. all of the sudden she has this HUGE hand held computer and she is punching the screen on the front. where she whipped this thing out from is beyond me. then not only is she punching things into this handheld device but does she whip out ANOTHER one, slightly smaller but still large enough I thought i would have seen it strapped to her body somewhere considering she only had a fanny pack with her to hold her belongings. just one of these devises would fit in the fanny pack, if it would even fit at all.

plus then you thrown is your average yelling person, guy who talks to himself, girl with random arm twitches and old men that hit on highschool girls and there has only been three days of school so far.

i am trying to work up the courage to quit my second job tonight. wish me luck.

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