Wednesday, January 30, 2008

erin takes her 400 children with mark oliver to school in a hot air balloon.

my less then awesome MASH results.

L was out grocery shopping when i got home from school. she came home with all the ingredients to make the most delicious pizzas. one had pineapple, tomatoes and cheese and the next had tomatoes, green olives and taco flavored soy protein and cheese. turns out i have quite the skill for stretching pizza dough. haha we didn't have a rolling pin so we used an empty wine bottle. yeah we are high rollers.

its so disgusting outside. i wish the weather didn't effect me as much as it does but i have primal instincts to hibernate when it gets this cold and windy outside. i wish it would snow instead of this freezing blustery death wind.

all of the ceramic things i was looking at this afternoon promted me to talk to L about taking spinning classes and turns out she already wrote down a list of all the places close to the apartment! one place is like 4 blocks from here (little blocks not even city blocks) so that should be really fun. i would love just going to get messy and create something once a week. i hope we get to work with glazes and paints because that part interests me just as much as making the pottery. maybe L will really like spinning and i can glaze all of her pieces.

today at lunch my friend is reading from the newspaper and turns to me and says, "It says here that smoking a joint is _____(i can't remember the actual number) times worse for you then smoking cigarettes"
I looked her in the eye and said, "well that doesn't affect me because I smoke bowls"
she turns away. five seconds later it dawns on her "that doesn't matter..!" i love quick replying people and being so convincing that they actually believe you.
yeah thats right the pot smoker pulled a fast one on you. sucker.

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Dave Cave said...

you're such a blog binger...nothing for three days...then EVERYTHING!!!

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