Tuesday, January 15, 2008

personal rest day

today I was supposed to go to school but instead i am not.

at 12:30 last night i realized i was not ready for a day of school beginning at 7am and especially not a day where i had to show my teacher my portfolio. yikes. so I am taking the day to ACTUALLY compile my portfolio instead of making an ass of myself and will play the sick card and get a meeting with him alone. personally i think i will get much better feed back this way anyway because one-on-one meetings with the teacher while the rest of the class is impatiently waiting for their turns is not a fun way to spend the morning.

also today i mailed out a text book that i sold on amazon (third one this semester whooo) and picked up the ingredients to make stew in my crock pot. the first time i wrote that i said 'strew'. not as appetizing.

last night i went to whoopsies laugh lounge with d and m and it was pretty funny. although the voice recorder on the way there and home was probably the highlight of my night.

why do you have that garbage bag on?

I joined the army. the SALVATION army.

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