Wednesday, January 30, 2008

its a silly time to learn to swim when you start to drown

this is for sale on ebay and i want it.

i collect* this plate set from the designer Russel Wright and how cute would a matching clock look in a kitchen with a matching awesome dish set.

*I say collect but really I only have three plates so far. but i will once i graduate humber aka money pit. i have this day dream that i can go antique shopping on the weekends with my darling fiance because we are so financially stable we would never dream of working on the weekends and take the time off to bond and have baths by candlelight. its nice to dream.

working alot right now. my sprouts are starting to grow little tails, they are soo cute. i feel like i am watching them grow up, which i guess i am, but i feel maternal about them. is it wrong that i am going to eat them? haha

i make the best soy milk lattes ever. i am addicted to the song My Number by tegan and sara.

i had a bunch of other things i was going to blog about but safari quit unexpectantly and now i can't be bothered to find it all again to link it.

i have to make a logo for one of my school projects and i am going to do mine by hand. i have been working on it for the past couple hours and i forgot how much i love to paint.

tonight Spike and Kaitlen from the original degrassi are DJ-ing at the club we are going to. and there is an 80's theme. HOT.

update: there was not an 80s theme. zing.

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