Sunday, January 6, 2008

okay that was a pretty emo post last time.

in other news my dearest boyfriend is buying me this.

gotta love the bling

okay my work just called. at 10 on a sunday night. to see if i can work TOMORROW night. and also didn't give me any other heads up about other shifts this week that they need me to cover. which is find i guess if you have a giant mole on your nose and don't have a social life but gawd i am getting tired of being at their beck and call.

okay that was a rant but i actually do like working at the crepe restaurant. they are nice people and they really do listen to all of the suggestions that we give them. ANd the place is really starting to get busy these days and i am looking forward to making money in the future.

which leads me to my next looming task. quitting my other job. i don't know how i am going to do it or what i am going to say but i have until thursday to think of something and then i will just have to say it because i am not traveling 32 subway stops and two busses for 9$ an hour no way HO say.

bed time. school tomorrow. death beginning at 6 in the morning.


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