Monday, January 7, 2008

od on oj

not feeling so hot today. i think i might have gotten L's throat infection before she left. to get her tonsals out, so that tells me that this sore throat might be more serious then i am letting myself think it is. i had a nap today and bought oranges and made fresh squeezed oj so i hope it helps. i am pretty sure fresh oj is the best thing in the world. especially for a hang over but pretty much any day it is amazing.

first day of class was...pretty lame actually. watched the Cannes awards show winners from this year. i could tell the teacher wasn't prepared to go back to school eather and just wanted to keep us occupied. if i am getting up at 6am to go to your class i want to learn something dink. no one is there just to fuck around. i wish some of our teachers would have the balls to actually push our class into working and PRODUCING ideas. gawd. and really i shouldn't even bitch because i could just push myself all on my own, in my own time. a thought for the new year perhaps.

i've been watching the show weeds alot. seems like a good show. j got me into it.

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