Saturday, January 26, 2008

girls gone piled

suuuuuuuuchhh a long day today at work. i need to quit. it is interfering with my sanity.

i like being a waitress. job number 2 tomorrow. day off? pffff. not i.

limited energy to blog. apologies. last night i made thai coconut milk and peanut stirfry with tofu and it was pretty much the closest i've had to an assisted orgasm in a while. fuck it was good. even the left overs today were good.

L and M and i were talking last night and i have an small flicker of inspiration of a real life job i want. i don't want to jinx it though cause i need to do more research.

last night D came over too and we all collectively decided that we are not like average friends. most people have civilized conversations with their friends and talk about their lives and interests.
we laugh ourselves sick, gyrate, penguin dance, play board games/cards, play dress up and pretty much have the maturity level of a 10 year old. i can't explain it really but anyone that hangs out with us.....wait no one hangs out with us, except us. proves my point anyway.

tomorrow morning we are getting up early to film something for D's newest movie and it involves us four girls being piled on top of each other in the snow. rock paper scissors showdown for levels, wish me luck, i will die if i'm on the bottom.

update: i forgot to say that both my mom and jays mom got in touch with me via facebook about the change of my relationship status. uh. i thought you were the generation that promotes real conversations.

thanks facebook. for telling my family that i don't have a boyfriend anymore so i didn't have to.


zoeyjane said...

yes, the bitch of social networking...they're all up in your business. it's a blessing sometimes, too. specially, when you just don't wanna be bothered.

Dave Cave said...

"Listen son...this is the spade that neutered your dog."

Oh my god, your facebook story killed embarrassing!

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